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Pre-Civil-War Base Ball Games Played in California


Compiled by Craig B. Waff


(14 December 2008 version)




BDE = Brooklyn Daily Eagle

NYC = New York Clipper

NYT = New York Times

PSOT = Porter’s Spirit of the Times





Date of Game


Playing Field































11 Apr


Sacramento, Calif.

Sacramento (Sacramento) 15

Union (Sacramento) 10

(PSOT: “Both clubs had tents pitched for the accommodation and entertainment of their many friends; and although the clubs are hearty rivals in the game of base ball, everything passed off in the most courteous and amicable manner.”)

(1) “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Base Ball in California,” PSOT, vol. 8, no. 13 (26 May 1860), p. 196, col. 3

(2) “Base Ball in California,” NYC, [?] May 1860





29 Jun

San Francisco, Calif.


Eagle (San Francisco) 55

Em Quad (San Francisco) 27

(1) “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Eagle vs. Em Quad,” PSOT, vol. 8, no. 24 (7 Aug 1860), p. 373, col. 1





25 Sep


Sacramento, Calif.

Centreville Course

Eagle (San Francisco) 36

Sacramento (Sacramento) 32


Eagle (San Francisco) 31

Sacramento (Sacramento) 17

(6 innings, due to darkness)


(NYC: “The visit of the [Eagles] to Sacramento was an event in the annals of the game in California, that materially advanced its progress.    The respective captains proved themselves veterans in the game, and fully competent to command. Gelston is from the Eagle Club, of New York, and Robinson, is from the Putnam Club, of Brooklyn.

(1) “Base Ball Tournament in California,” NYC, [?] Oct 1860





24 Oct


Stockton, Calif.

Agricultural Fair

Sacramento 48

Stockton 11


Sacramento 73

Live Oak 7


(NYC: “Our national game has, we are glad to find, its enthusiastic followers as well, in the Golden as the Empire State, and, we doubt not, some as skillful players.  It is not surprising, therefore, that a wholesome emulation should exist, and a liberal rivalry manifest itself between the leading clubs, so much so as to create the desire to know which is the champion club.  To this end a tournament has taken place between the three acknowledged first, namely, the Stockton, Sacramento, and Live Oak.”

(1) “Base Ball Tournament in California,” NYC, [?] Nov 1860