Expanded Replay Usage

Compiled by David Vincent

This list shows all instances of the use of the expanded replay system.
On January 16, 2014, the owners unanimously approved an expanded use of the replay
system to start in the 2014 season. This expansion covered the following play types:
•	Book rule double (often incorrectly called “ground rule double”)
•	Fair/foul (outfield only)
•	Fan interference
•	Force play (except fielder's touching of second base on a double play)
•	Grounds rule
•	Hit by pitch
•	Home plate collision
•	Passing runners on the base path
•	Plate collisions [new rule in 2014]
•	Record keeping (such as ball/strike counts)
•	Runners touching a base (appeal play)
•	Stadium boundary calls (such as a fielder falling into the fan area to make a catch)
•	Tag play
•	Timing play (run scoring before the third out)
•	Trap play (outfield only)
The following play types were not covered in the new version of the system:
•	Balls and strikes
•	Checked swings
•	Fair/foul (infield only)
•	Interference
•	Obstruction
•	Trap play (infield only)

On February 20, 2015, Major League Baseball announced changes to the 2014 Expanded Replay system. The changes included new types of plays that are reviewable.
•	Runners leaving a base too soon
•	Runners properly touching a base on a tag up play

There were three outcomes defined:
•	Confirmed – clear and convincing evidence that the call on the field was correct
•	Stands – no clear and convincing evidence to confirm or overturn the call
•	Overturned – clear and convincing evidence that the call on the field was incorrect

Reviews in March, April 2014
Reviews in May 2014 
Reviews in June 2014
Reviews in July 2014
Reviews in August 2014
Reviews in September, October 2014
Reviews in April 2015
Reviews in May 2015
Reviews in June 2015
Reviews in July 2015

Date       Tm  Opp In Initiator               Umpire              Type                  Ruling      Time        
08/01/2015 TBA BOS  6 Mgr Kevin Cash          Chris Conroy        Tag play              Stands          
08/01/2015 HOU ARI  8 Mgr A.J. Hinch          CB Bucknor          Tag play              Stands          
08/01/2015 WAS NYN  7 Mgr Matt Williams       Andy Fletcher       Force play            Confirmed       
08/01/2015 CLE OAK  8 Mgr Terry Francona      Gerry Davis         Tag play              Confirmed       
08/01/2015 ATL PHI  5 Mgr Fredi Gonzalez      Gabe Morales        Tag play              Confirmed       
08/01/2015 COL SLN  1 Ump Paul Nauert         Paul Nauert         Home run              Confirmed       
08/01/2015 TEX SFN  7 Mgr Jeff Banister       Ben May             Force play            Overturned      
08/02/2015 BAL DET  5 Mgr Buck Showalter      Lance Barksdale     Tag play              Confirmed       
08/02/2015 PIT CIN  4 Ump Joe West            Joe West            Home run              Overturned      
08/02/2015 MIA SDN  6 Mgr Dan Jennings        Adrian Johnson      Tag play              Stands          
08/02/2015 MIN SEA 11 Mgr Paul Molitor        Marty Foster        Tag play              Confirmed       
08/02/2015 CHN MIL  3 Mgr Joe Maddon          David Rackley       Force play            Confirmed         (3)
08/02/2015 MIL CHN  5 Mgr Craig Counsell      Hunter Wendelstedt  Tag play              Stands          
08/02/2015 WAS NYN  1 Ump Jerry Meals         Jerry Meals         Home run              Overturned      
08/02/2015 NYN WAS  7 Mgr Terry Collins       Paul Emmel          Force play            Overturned

(1) - MLB later acknowledged that the call should have been overturned.
(2) - MLB later acknowledged that an incorrect call was made on a pitch.
(3) - This call resulted in an ejection.
(4) - Game-ending play
(5) - Game later rained out
See Replayed Homer Calls for additional information about and descriptions of the home run reviews.
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