The 1939 Negro League Season

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Negro American League
Regular-Season GamesAll Games
Atlanta Black Crackers5100721068190131191271917
Chicago American Giants2723026024040440424460844231
Cleveland Bears2021020121022320241293542917
Kansas City Monarchs35170262183683506184481035339
Memphis Red Sox2534027429043512460495963322
St. Louis Stars1922123726324343299358613325
Negro National League
Regular-Season GamesAll Games
Baltimore Elite Giants2321024320240351422355764028
Homestead Grays2916031122250282517357804220
Newark Eagles2918130022841271448350694729
New York Black Yankees1621317419222284236290543222
New York Cubans6220851839240112198332314
Philadelphia Stars3030132138033331358422675120
All Games
Team  WLTRS RA  GamesBoxesPBP
East All Stars(E)110126222
West All Stars(W)110612222
Major League All Stars(M)10031111
North All Stars(N)100101110
Negro League All Stars(N)01013111
Pirrone All Stars(P)2101010333
Philadelphia Royal Giants1201010333
South All Stars(S)010110110
Toledo Crawfords14242191240402010

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Main Page for Negro League Baseball

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