The 1944 Negro League Season

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Negro American League
Regular-Season GamesAll Games
Birmingham Black Barons472303992457247166546612038
Chicago American Giants294002823493970144360511023
Cincinnati-Indianapolis Clowns412913132905551244149410830
Cleveland Buckeyes393903263055455150250311027
Kansas City Monarchs244302413434672248157312052
Memphis Red Sox434913673966769155457113730
Negro National League
Regular-Season GamesAll Games
Baltimore Elite Giants35340345322504525074539751
Homestead Grays402234013027330470950210762
Newark Eagles23300256309303503213666536
New York Black Yankees429010825273911613514725
New York Cubans27212252224492934193358141
Philadelphia Stars29221306259333113643416551
All Games
Team  WLTRS RA  GamesBoxes
Augie Galan All Stars(AG)0104711
East All Stars(E)0104711
West All Stars(W)1007411
Kansas City Royals331192072
Major League All Stars(M)1206931
North All Stars(N)1006111
South All Stars(S)0101611

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Player Game Logs for 1944
Ballparks used in 1944

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Main Page for Negro League Baseball

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