The 1945 Negro League Season

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Negro American League
Regular-Season GamesAll Games
Birmingham Black Barons332933313185851455751311327
Chicago American Giants383423673724959251759411038
Cincinnati-Indianapolis Clowns264112643174166141252610821
Cleveland Buckeyes531514242207630260137910830
Kansas City Monarchs342442932756346555748711455
Memphis Red Sox165712444213274140860310728
Negro National League
Regular-Season GamesAll Games
Baltimore Elite Giants34272360354423634444528161
Homestead Grays40192337275513234553728654
Newark Eagles23210262200302603352615626
New York Black Yankees10251151248164312253646031
New York Cubans10250127189383703183147533
Philadelphia Stars22221252223333123553216652
All Games
Team  WLTRS RA  GamesBoxes
East All Stars(E)0106911
Bob Feller All Stars(F)0103411
West All Stars(W)1009611
Chuck Dressen All Stars(CD)30111644
Kansas City Royals440314585
North All Stars(N)1007111
Negro League All Stars(N)03161144
Phil-Birm Baron Stars10010911
Parker All Stars(P)12071133
South All Stars(S)0101711
Sprinz All Stars(Spz)1005411
Vince DiMaggio All Stars(VD)310351641

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Main Page for Negro League Baseball

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