The 1947 Negro League Season

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Negro American League
Regular-Season GamesAll Games
Birmingham Black Barons423604924235348061255610115
Chicago American Giants28510361490346204366039629
Cleveland Buckeyes47180442304593736054919926
Indianapolis Clowns305024305014372258770011729
Kansas City Monarchs472905063906447168556411262
Memphis Red Sox374724465694863356674311422
Negro National League
Regular-Season GamesAll Games
Baltimore Elite Giants39372400377504345254529777
Homestead Grays333433443485643453945210363
Newark Eagles43371438376504115164429262
New York Black Yankees11383204391194863065087332
New York Cubans42181390249552625363548347
Philadelphia Stars27312298333353623664147354
All Games
Team  WLTRS RA  GamesBoxes
East All Stars(E)02041322
Bob Feller All Stars(F)520322175
West All Stars(W)20013422
Kansas City Royals4603141108
Major League All Stars(M)12091033

Complete Game Log for 1947
Player Game Logs for 1947
Ballparks used in 1947

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Main Page for Negro League Baseball

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