Negro League Baseball

Retrosheet is pleased to present game data for Negro League games as described below.


For this project, Retrosheet is standing on the shoulders of giants. The hard work of finding, compiling, and publishing the statistics of Negro League players was done by a number of dedicated researchers to whom Retrosheet - and all baseball fans - owe a tremendous debt of gratitude. The list of researchers who were helpful to Retrosheet in its work so far, either directly or indirectly, includes, but is by no means limited to the following: Gary Ashwill, Ray Doswell, Leslie Heaphy, Kevin Johnson, Larry Lester, Todd Peterson, and Scott Simkus. Thank you all so much for all of your work on Negro League baseball and for your assistance to Retrosheet with this project.

Retrosheet is an all-volunteer organization. We could not and can not do what we have done and hope to do in the future without the help of volunteers. Volunteers who have helped with this project include, but, again, are not necessarily limited to, Javier Anderson, Mark Aubrey, Mike Cantor, Alan Cohen, Dean Esgrow, Jonathan Frankel, Mike Grahek, Larry Hayes, Dave Lamoureaux, Mark Pankin, David Roher, Dave Smith, Stuart Shiffman, Tom Stillman, Wes Tervo, Tom Thress, Wayne Townsend, Ted Turocy, Neal Williams, Mark Williamson, Jim Wohlenhaus, and Greg Zeis. Thank you all.

If you are interested in helping on this project, please contact Tom Thress (

Thank you very much! We hope you enjoy the data here and we look forward to adding more data over time.

Tom Thress
Retrosheet Treasurer

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