Ballparks used in 1946 Negro League Season

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ParkID Ballpark Name City State ALT02 Cricket Field Altoona PA ATL04 Ponce de Leon Park Atlanta GA ATL05 Harper Field Atlanta GA BAK01 Sam Lynn Park Bakersfield CA BAL14 Bugle Field Baltimore MD BAT01 Baton Rouge LA BIR01 Rickwood Field Birmingham AL BUF06 Offermann Stadium Buffalo NY CBI01 American Legion Park Council Bluffs IA CHI10 Comiskey Park I Chicago IL CIN07 Crosley Field Cincinnati OH CLE06 League Park IV Cleveland OH CLE07 Cleveland Stadium Cleveland OH COL05 Red Bird Stadium Columbus OH COR01 Firemens Ball Park Corpus Christi TX DAL01 Rebel Stadium Dallas TX DAV01 Municipal Stadium Davenport IA DAY03 Hudson Field Dayton OH DCT02 Fans Field Decatur IL ERI01 Ainsworth Field Erie PA FLI01 Atwood Stadium Flint MI FTW01 La Grave Field Fort Worth TX GAD01 Gadsden AL GRA02 Bigelow Field Grand Rapids MI GRE03 Memorial Stadium Greensboro NC HAG01 Municipal Stadium Hagerstown MD HOU04 Buffalo Stadium Houston TX HRB01 Island Park Harrisburg PA HUN01 Lincoln Park Huntsville AL IND10 Victory Field Indianapolis IN JAC01 League Park Jackson MS KAN05 Municipal Stadium Kansas City MO LAN01 Stumpf Field Lancaster PA LIM01 Halloran Park Lima OH LOS02 Wrigley Field Los Angeles CA LOU05 Parkway Field Louisville KY LRK02 Travelers Field Little Rock AR MEM03 Russwood Park Memphis TN MIL03 Athletic Park Milwaukee WI MTG01 Cramton Bowl Montgomery AL MUS01 Athletic Park Muskogee OK NOL01 Pelican Stadium New Orleans LA NOR02 Tar Park Norfolk VA NSH02 Sulphur Dell Nashville TN NWK04 Ruppert Stadium Newark NJ NYC14 Polo Grounds V New York NY NYC16 Yankee Stadium I New York NY NYC23 Dexter Park Brooklyn NY OKC02 Texas League Park Oklahoma City OK OXF01 Rodeo Grounds Oxford NE PHI11 Shibe Park Philadelphia PA PHI17 44th and Parkside Philadelphia PA PIT06 Forbes Field Pittsburgh PA PTK01 Pittsburg KS PTX01 Binnion Park Paris TX RCI01 Municipal Stadium Richmond IN RIC03 Tate Field Richmond VA ROC04 Red Wing Stadium Rochester NY SAN03 Lane Field San Diego CA SAT01 Mission Stadium San Antonio TX SBD01 Lippincott Park South Bend IN SBY01 Memorial Field Salisbury MD SPR03 Lanphier Park Springfield IL STJ01 City Stadium St. Joseph MO STL07 Sportsman's Park III St. Louis MO SYR04 MacArthur Stadium Syracuse NY TOL05 Swayne Field Toledo OH TRE01 Dunn Field Trenton NJ TUL01 Texas League Park Tulsa OK WAC01 Katy Park Waco TX WAS09 Griffith Stadium Washington DC WIC01 Lawrence Field Wichita KS WIL04 Wilmington Park Wilmington DE YOR02 Memorial Stadium York PA YOU01 Idora Park Youngtown OH ZAN02 Municipal Stadium Zanesville OH

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