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The RI Directory of Sporting News Umpire Cards

The RI Directory of Sporting News Umpire Cards

Major League Umpires

John Rice  Data Page
Robert Rice  Data Page
Richard Rieker  Data Page
Charles Rigler  Data Page
T Steven Rippley  Data Page

Minor League Umpires

Andrew T Rice
Andrew Rice
James Rice
Seward Rice
Fred Rich
Coy Richards
KL Richards
Bertram Richardson
James Richardson
Jim Richardson
Johnny Richardson
Jos Richardson
Ray Richardson
Sam Richardson
Ted Richardson
William Richardson
Robert Richert
FH Richie
Camm Richmond
JJ Ridenhour
Fred Rieger
Virgin Rife
James Riffe
David Riffle
Roger Rigby
RM Riggs
Edward Riley
Henry Riley
John Riley
Thomas Riley
Jack Rimes
James Rimes
Robert Rine
Joseph Ring
Andrew Ringer
Maurice Riopel
Fred Ripley
Jeff Risk
Robert Ritchey
Charles Ritinski
Hal Ritter
John Ritter
Ernesto Rivera
Gabriel Rivera
Ismael Rivera
John Rivera
Mike Rizzo