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The RO Directory of Sporting News Umpire Cards

The RO Directory of Sporting News Umpire Cards

Major League Umpires

Scotty Robb  Data Page
Lenny Roberts  Data Page
William Robinson  Data Page
Armando Rodriguez  Data Page
John Roe  Data Page
William Rosenberry  Data Page
Henry Rountree  Data Page

Minor League Umpires

Joe Roach
BL Roberts
JS Roberts
James Roberts
Laurence Roberts
Samuel Roberts
B Robertson
Billy Robertson
EW Robertson
James Robertson
William Robertson
Wm Robertson
Eugene Robinson
Gary Robinson
John Robinson
Red Robinson
Stewart Robinson
Jose Robles
Ray Roblyer
Raul Rocha
Luis Rochin
Frederick Rock
James Rocks
WD Roddenberry
Antonio V Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez
Figueroa Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez
Ramiro Rodriguez
Raymundo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Samuel Rodriguez
William Roe
Ron Roehm
0 Roetz
Donald Rogan
Albert Rogari
Ramon Roger
Henry Rogers
John Rogers
Joseph Rogers
Thomas Rogers
WR Rogers
Enrique Roges
Joseph Rohan
WD Rohl
Matthew Rohrbach
Carlos Rojas
Efrain Rojas
James Rokita
Michael Rolick
Warren Roller
Irvin Rollins
Thomas Romenesko
Alejandro Romero
Pete Rommell
Jno Ronan
Hugh Rorty
Antonio Rosati
Frank Roscoe
Charles T Rose
Charles Rose
Harold Rose
James Rose
Max Eugene Rose
Paul Rose
Harold Rosenthal
James Roser
Irving Rosner
Dollie Ross
Geo M Ross
Geo Ross
George Ross
Hal Ross
Howard Ross
John Ross
Joseph Ross
Mel Ross
Rodney Ross
Ronald Ross
Joseph Rossano
Frank Rossback
William Rossi
Louis Roth
Donald Roudebush
Elliott Roundy
Clyde Rouse
Perry Roussey
William Route
Anthony Routhouska
CH Row
IS Rowe
Leonard Rowe
John Rowland
Kenneth Roy
Paul Roy
Henry Royse