Lists of Noteworthy Events

We have compiled some lists of some of the rarer or noteworthy things that have taken place during major league baseball's colorful history. These lists show the instances we know about, but are far from complete. Please let us know if you can add to them or can provide additional detail. You can do that by sending e-mail to "".

Events during games
  1. Batting Out of Turn. [Last updated: 12/2/2023]
  2. Lost Home Runs. [Last updated: 1/28/2024]
  3. Replayed Homer Calls. [Last updated: 8/13/2020]
  4. Expanded Replays. [Last updated: 12/2/2023]
  5. Four Homers in a Row. [Last updated: 2/1/2024]
  6. Game Ending Non-Homers. [Last updated: 12/16/2018]
  7. Courtesy and Mid-Play Runners. [Last updated: 1/14/2024]
  8. Passing Runners on the Bases. [Last updated: 10/30/2021]
  9. Triple Plays. [Last updated: 12/2/2023]
  10. Doctored Bats and Baseballs. [Last updated: 2/15/2021]
  11. Pitch Count Mistakes. [Last updated: 12/2/2023]
  12. Non-Pitchers on the Mound. [Last updated: 12/2/2023]
  13. Umpire Changes During Games. [Last updated: 12/19/2023]
  14. Hidden Ball Tricks. [Last updated: 8/17/2020]
  15. Going Out with a Bang: Players who Homered in Their Final At Bat [Last updated: 12/2/2023]
Other, historical
  1. Ballpark Firsts and Lasts. [Last updated: 12/2/2023]
  2. Alternate Site Games. [Last updated: 12/2/2023]
  3. Opening Day Presidential and VP Appearances. [Last updated: 4/14/2010]
  4. Suspended Games. [Last updated: 12/19/2023]
  5. Forfeits. [Last updated: 10/19/2021]
  6. Resumed Protested Games. [Last updated: 12/11/2020]
  7. No Decision Games. [Last updated: 12/2/2023]
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