Umpire Changes During Games (Late Arrivals)

This is a chronological list of of the known games in which one or more umpires arrived late due to travel or other issues. Two other lists are available: (1) games in which an umpire left due to illness or injury; (2) A list of suspended games with a change in umpires.
Click on the date to see the box score and play-by-play, if available.
InnUmpire Who
Left Game
09/07/1891 1 Colts Senators HP-Phil Knell
1B-Kid Carsey
? Phil Knell HP-Jack Kerins
Jack Kerins arrived late
08/03/1895   Giants Dodgers HP-Parke Wilson
1B-John Grim
2 Parke Wilson HP-George Burnham
Arrived in second inning; game started with players umpiring
08/29/1896   Pirates Orioles HP-George Hemming
1B-Frank Killen
1 George Hemming HP-Jack Sheridan
Jack Sheridan arrived in first inning; game started with players umpiring
06/22/1897   Colonels Spiders HP-Bert Cunningham
1B-Zeke Wilson
? Bert Cunningham HP-Tim Hurst
Arrived late; game started with players umpiring
08/13/1900 1 Braves Cubs HP-Kid Nichols
1B-Bert Cunningham
5 Kid Nichols
Bert Cunningham
HP-Tim Hurst
Tim Hurst arrived in the sixth; game started with two players
07/07/1901   White Sox Tigers HP-Ed Siever
1B-Nixey Callahan
3 Ed Siever HP-Jack Haskell
Game started with two players umpiring
09/22/1906 1 Senators Tigers HP-Red Donahue 6 Red Donahue HP-Tim Hurst
Hurst late arriving
09/24/1907   Browns Senators HP-Cliff Blankenship
1B-Bill Dinneen
5 Cliff Blankenship HP-Tim Hurst
Train from Philadelphia arrived 1 hour late; game started with two players
InnUmpire Who
Left Game
09/12/1914   Terriers Tip-Tops HP-Bob Groom
1B-Bert Maxwell
3 Bob Groom HP-Monte Cross
1B-Ollie Anderson
Crew late because of start time confusion; Groom umpires and pitches
06/28/1941   Dodgers Braves HP-Johnny Cooney
1B-Freddie Fitzsimmons
2 Johnny Cooney HP-Babe Pinelli
1B-Lee Ballanfant
3B-Al Barlick
Crew late due to fogbound boat from NYC; started with two players as umpire
06/19/1991   Twins Orioles HP-Drew Coble
1B-John Shulock
3B-Mark Johnson
1 2B-Gary Cederstrom
Gary Cederstrom arrived late
07/04/1991   Twins Blue Jays HP-Jim KcKean
1B-Ken Kaiser
3B-Jim Joyce
3 2B-Terry Craft
Terry Craft arrived late
09/03/1991   Orioles Blue Jays HP-Larry Barnett
1B-Al Clark
3B-Dale Ford
4 2B-Ed Hickox
Greg Kosc, the original HP ump is unavailable; crew replacement Ed Hickox arrives late
07/18/1992   Cubs Pirates HP-Bob Davidson
1B-Frank Pulli
3B-John McSherry
1 1B-Bill Hohn
2B-Frank Pulli
Bill Hohn arrived late
06/14/1993   Blue Jays Twins HP-Jim Evans
1B-Ted Hendry
3B-Fred Herndon
? 1B-Larry McCoy
2B-Ted Hendry
3B-Terry Craft
Terry Craft & Larry McCoy arrived late due to flight problems
04/03/1998   Padres Cardinals HP-Eric Gregg
1B-Dennis Duncan
2B-William Buchanan
3B-Joseph Fugere
4 Dennis Duncan 1B-Mark Hirschbeck
2B-Larry Vanover
3B-Bruce Froemming
Crew arrived late; game started with three amateurs on the bases
04/25/2000   Rockies Expos HP-Hunter Wendelstedt
1B-CB Bucknor
3B-Mike Vanvleet
3 1B-Rick Reed
2B-CB Bucknor
Rick Reed arrived late due to travel delays
07/23/2004   Cubs Phillies HP-Darren Spagnardi
1B-Scott Graham
2B-Frank Sylvester
3B-John McArdle
2 Scott Graham 1B-Joe West
2B-Paul Emmel
3B-Mike DiMuro
Three crew members late due to travel issues
08/20/2007   Royals White Sox HP-Chuck Meriwether
1B-Tim Timmons
3B-Adam Dowdy
1 2B-Adam Dowdy
3B-Derryl Cousins
Alfonso Marquez' flight from LA was late
         5 Derryl Cousins 3B-Alfonso Marquez
Alfonso Marquez' flight from LA was late
05/20/2009   Mets Dodgers HP-Jerry Meals
1B-Mike DiMuro
3B-Dale Scott
2 James Hoye 2B-Dale Scott
3B-Jake Uhlenhopp
Did not work due to illness; Uhlenhopp arrived in second
09/16/2009   Pirates Dodgers HP-Brian Gorman
1B-CB Bucknor
3B-Mike Everitt
4 2B-Mike Everitt
3B-Gerry Davis
Gerry Davis ill; did not start game
04/11/2011   Rangers Tigers HP-Mark Carlson
1B-Tim Timmons
3B-Eric Cooper
2 2B-Tim Welke
Tim Welke arrived to replace Jeff Kellogg (did not work game)
04/28/2011   Mets Nationals HP-Brian Runge
1B-Marvin Hudson
3B-Ted Barrett
6 2B-Ted Barrett
3B-Lance Barrett
Lance Barrett arrived to replace Tim McClelland who was ill
InnUmpire Who
Left Game
07/02/2011   Indians Reds HP-Ron Kulpa
1B-Jim Wolf
3B-John Tumpane
1 2B-John Tumpane
3B-Derryl Cousins
Derryl Cousins did not start game due to illness
07/24/2012   Dodgers Cardinals HP-D.J. Reyburn
1B-Jeff Kellogg
3B-Marty Foster
3 2B-Marty Foster
3B-John Tumpane
Eric Cooper ill and did not work game
09/04/2013   White Sox Yankees HP-Tim Welke
1B-Mike Everitt
3B-Dan Bellino
1 2B-Dan Bellino
3B-Bruce Dreckman
Bruce Dreckman suffered finger injury and was late
04/20/2017   Tigers Rays HP-Alfonso Marquez
1B-Chad Fairchild
3B-David Rackley
1 2B-David Rackley
3B-Joe West
West arrived late to substiture for Larry Vanonver who missed game due to personal matter
06/25/2022  DodgersBraves HP-CB Bucknor
1B-Malachi Moore
3B-Mark Ripperger
4 2B-Alex MacKay MacKay was late arriving to game
08/03/2022  RoyalsWhite Sox HP-Dan Merzel
1B-Alan Porter
3B-Quinn Wolcott
2 2B-Bill Miller Miller entered the game in the second inning
08/06/2022  PiratesOrioles HP-Ron Kulpa
1B-Chris Conroy
3B-Edwin Moscoso
2 2B-Alex Tosi Tosi entered the game in the second inning
InnUmpire Who
Left Game

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