Retrosheet Board Meeting, Conference Call
June 2 2018; start time 11:03 AM am EDT; adjournment 11:26 AM, EDT

Twenty-fifth Meeting of the Board

Present:						Missing:
	David Smith, president				None	
	Tom Ruane, vice-president/treasurer	
	Trent McCotter, secretary
	Luke Kraemer, director
	Tom Thress, director


Sponsor		Purpose					Result
Kraemer		Adoption of agenda    			5-0-0-0

Smith		Approval or minutes			5-0-0-0

Kraemer		Election of President (David Smith)	5-0-0-0

Smith		Proposal to amend by-laws section 5.2
		to reflect a total of seven Directors	5-0-0-0

Smith		Proposal to amend by-laws section 6.1
		to reflect Vice President and Treasurer
		as separate positions			5-0-0-0

Smith		Election of Vice President (Tom Ruane)	5-0-0-0

Smith		Election of Tresurer (Tom Thress)	5-0-0-0

Smith		Elect new board member (Scott Fischthal)5-0-0-0

Smith		Elect new board member (Tom Shieber)	5-0-0-0

Smith		Adoption of Treasurer's Report		5-0-0-0

Smith		Adoption of Secretary's Report		5-0-0-0

Thress		Adoption of President's Report		5-0-0-0

Kraemer		Adjourn					5-0-0-0

Other discussion

Old Business: None New Business: Tom Ruane suggested purchasing electronic access to Cleveland Plain-Dealer and Philadelphia Evening-Bulletin game stories. David Smith said he would investigate the price and options. Luke Kraemer noted that there have been unrequested pop-up advertisements on various portions of the Retrosheet website. David Smith said he and Mark Pankin have been attempting to remove them and would request additional assistance at the upcoming SABR conference. Discussion None