Research Papers

Many researchers have made use of Retrosheet data in their work. Much of this work has been made public by presentation at local and national SABR meetings. Many of the papers are in the SABR Research Library and some are archived at various web sites.

This section of the Retrosheet site was created to provide another outlet for publication of research results. Researchers who have original results are invited to submit them to Retrosheet President Tom Thress for possible inclusion here. The primary requirement is that Retrosheet data must have been part of the work. Work submitted here may also be presented elsewhere. The intention is not to be exclusive, but to provide a convenient location for research that shares the common thread of using Retrosheet data.

Author Title (Date)
Bingham, Brendan What's So Bad About Leaving Runners on Base (5/8/2008)
Calzada, Daniel Deepball: Modeling Expectation and Uncertainty in Baseball With Recurrent Neural Networks (11/18/2018)
Cantor, Michael Officially Sanctioned Postseason Challenge Series [with Mark Pankin] (8/14/2010)
Chestnut, Christopher 363 DP Summaries (7/2/2008)
  363 DP Leaders (3/10/2021)
  Postseason 363 DPs (1/31/2010)
  All Star Game 363 DPs (1/31/2010)
Comly, Clem ARM-Average Run equivalent Method (6-20-2000, SABR30)
  Team Triple Crown Winners (July, 2004, SABR34)
  Unearned OPS (July, 2002, SABR32)
Connolly, Brian Do Dramatic Wins Matter? (4-12-2006)
  Momentum and Winning Streaks (4-12-2006)
Deane, Bill Out With A Bang: Homer in player's final AB (11/4/2023)
Dreier, Peter Joe Black Biography (1/15/2022)
Friedrich, Marty Most senior living players (2/24/2014)
Gehringer, Christopher QualityStarts 1957-2006 (4/20/2008)
Hardegree, Gary Base-Advance Average (9/17/2005)
Huber, Michael and Andrew Glen Modeling Rare Baseball Events (2/24/2007)
Johnson, Howard L. Fielder "Range" Ratings: 1950-2010 (2/2/2011)
Kocsis, Brien Dynasty - 1901-1938 4 Team Dominance (6/23/2023)
  Throwing the World Series (4/15/2024)
Krabbenhoft, Herm Longest CGOBS Streaks in Post-Season Play (11/2003)
  Babe Ruth's AL RBI Record (6/30/2012, SABR42)
  Lou Gehrig's RBI Record (6/28/2012, SABR42)
  Players With 1000 RBIs ... For One Team (6/29/2012, SABR42)
  Babe Ruth's RBIs with the Red Sox (9/30/2012)
  Imperfect Perfectos(5/20/2020)
LeConte, Walter Extensive research has been updated and moved to Special Features Page
  Analysis of Revised 1995 Schedule (11/25/2011)
Levine, David Do Baseball Players Have Hot Streaks (3/2007)
Lin, Kyle and Ken Winning Advantage and its Applications (1/2007)
Martini, Joe Manny Mota: Does Retrosheet Back Up My Memories? (1/2006)
Mecca, Bob Shutdown Innings (12/17/2015)
  Digging Yourself Into (and Out of) A Hole (1/2/2019)
Nutaro, James Prospect Theory and the Favorite Long-Shot Bias in Baseball (outside link) (6/23/2023)
Pankin, Mark Subtle Aspects of the Game (6/25/1993, SABR23)
  Who's Right: LaRussa or Gant? (6/30/1999, SABR29)
  Do Base Stealers Help the Next Batters? (6/27/2002, SABR32)
  When Should Bonds be Walked Intentionally? (7/10/2003, SABR33)
  Philly's optimum lineup and Charlie Manuel's response. (6/1/2006, Philadelphia Daily News)
  Additional On-base Worth 3x Additional Slugging? (7/1/2006, SABR36)
  Should Pitchers Bat 9th? (7/26/2007, SABR37)
  Bragan's 1956 Pirates Unconventional Lineups (1/26/08, Regional SABR)
  What do Rock/Paper/Scissors and Baseball Have in Common? (7/31/2009, SABR39)
  Officially Sanctioned Postseason Challenge Series [with Mike Cantor] (8/14/2010, SABR40)
  Did No Lights at Wrigley Hurt the Cubs? (7/9/2011, SABR41)
  How Large is the Advantage of Batting Last? (6/29/2012, SABR42 poster presentation)
  A Replays Play (8/3/16, SABR46)
  Hitter and Pitcher Friendly Umpires (7/5/17, SABR47)
  Bragan in Pittsburgh, a Sabermetrician Ahead of His Time? (6/23/18, SABR48)
  Batting Out of Turn (BOOT): The Most Confounding Rule (6/28/19, SABR49)
  REBOOT (Batting Out of Turn) (7/11/2020, SABR 50)
Pavitt, Charles Summaries of Research Using Retrosheet data: A-C (updated 9/17/2023)
  Summaries of Research Using Retrosheet data: D-Z (updated 9/17/2023)
Rosciam, Chuck Brother Batteries (2022)
  Rating System for Catchers (2004)
 Triple Play Descriptions (with Frank Hamilton) (1/18/2005)
  Triple Play Analysis (updated 6/22/2020)
  Best CS% Seasons for Catchers (12/24/2007)
  Best CS% Career for Catchers (12/30/2007)
  Catchers of No-Hitters (11/28/2008)
  Inside-the-Park Grand Slams: Presentation (6/5/2020)
  Inside-the-Park Grand Slams: List (6/5/2020)
  Noteworthy Triple Plays (6/22/2020)
Round, Michael No Season Better (George Sisler, 1920) (5/10/2008, updated)
Ruane, Tom Bases-Loaded Plate Appearances (8/31/2011)
  The Deadball Era's Worst Pitching Staff (7/4/2009)
  Do Some Batters Reach on Errors More Than Others? (7/4/2005)
  Evaluating Traditional Lineups (7/14/2005)
  Fun With Retrosheet Data (revised 9/27/2011)
  Fun With Retrosheet Data, the Sequel (revised 7/7/2012)
  Fun With Retrosheet Data, Episode 3 (updated 4/29/2014)
  Fun With Retrosheet Data, Episode 4 (updated 5/20/2015)
  Fun With Retrosheet Data, Episode 5 (updated 5/15/2019)
  Fun With Retrosheet Data, Episode 6 (updated 9/14/2019)
  Fun With Retrosheet Data, Episode 7 (4/16/2023)
  The Games That Broke Retrosheet (8/5/2014)
  A History of Three-Inning Baseball from 1951 to 1969 (7/25/2012)
  In Search of Clutch Hitting (7/4/2005)
  Modern Baseball's Greatest Hitting Team - the 1930 Phillies' Opponents (7/9/2009)
  Old-Tyme Pitching Decisions (the 1916-1949 edition) (7/4/2012)
  RBI Production - A New Look at an Old Stat (7/15/2005)
  A Retro-review of the 1900s (1901-09, 6/15/2021)
  A Retro-review of the 1910s (revised, 8/12/2021)
  A Retro-review of the 1920s (revised, 10/30/2021)
  A Retro-review of the 1930s (revised, 6/23/2012)
  A Retro-review of the 1940s (revised, 12/5/2011)
  A Retro-review of the 1950s (revised, 11/30/2011)
  A Retro-review of the 1960s (1960-69, 6/16/2014)
  The Value Added Approach to Evaluating Performance (7/4/2005)
Sawyer, Bob Not just for protectng leads (revised 7/5/2015)
  Does the Bill James Formula for Leadoff Men Still Work? (7/5/2015)
  Major League Baseball Yesterday and Today (2/27/2021)
Selko, Jamie Experiment in Identification (8/15/2010)
Smith, Amy Tetlow and David W. Smith Scorecard Advertisements as Social History (1/26/2014 SABR43)
Images for Scorecard Advertisements as Social History (1/26/2014 SABR43)
Smith, David W. Do Batters Learn during a Game? (6/7/1996, SABR26)
  The Effectiveness of Platooning (6/25/1998, SABR28)
  Expansion: Does It Add Muscle or Fat? (6/26/1999, SABR29)
From Exile to Specialist: the Evolution of the Relief Pitcher (6/23/2000, SABR30)
  1951 NL Pennant Race (7/12/2001, SABR31)
  Demythologizing Dubious Memories (6/28/2002, SABR32)
  Do Good Teams Really Win More of the Close Games? (7/10/2003, SABR33)
  Coming from Behind: Patterns of Scoring and Relation to Winning (7/16/2004, SABR34)
  Effect of Batting Order (not Lineup) on Scoring (7/5/2006, SABR36)
  How Valuable is Strike One? (7/27/2007, SABR37)
  Are outs made on the bases more harmful than other types of outs? (8/14/2010, SABR40)
  Starting pitching staffs and pitching rotations (7/9/2011, SABR41)
  Shutting down the Running Game by Limiting Steal Attempts (6/28/2012, SABR42)
  Why Do Home Teams Score So Much in the First Inning? (8/2/2014, SABR44)
  Home Team Scoring Advantage Related to Time (6/26/2015, SABR45)
  The Myth of the Closer (7/29/2016, SABR46)
  The 7th inning is the Key (6/30/2017, SABR47)
  Why Do Games Take So Long? (6/23/2018, SABR48)
  Time Between Pitches: Cause of Long Games? (6/29/2019, SABR49)
  Ejections Through the Years and Effect of Expanded Replay (1/29/2022, Bob Davids Chapter of SABR)
  The Three-batter Rule: Demise of the LOOGY? (7/07/2023, SABR51)
Soper, Michael Understanding the Value of the Next Run (8/6/2014)
Tangotiger Evaluating Catchers (2004)
Timmerman, Tom Beating the Competition...Literally! (2005)
Vincent, David A Short History of Ejections (8/22/2015)
  Umpire Changes during a Game (updated 12/10/2016)
  Brothers involved in homers in the same game (updated 11/16/2015)
  Umpire Stories (updated 6/28/2016)
Weigand, Jim Rating the Catchers (2008) UPDATED
  The Path to 200 Hits (4/3/2009)
  Two Pitching Appearances in One Game (11/14/2009)
  Career Relief Pitching (8/15/2010)
  Rating Starting Pitching Staffs (2/16/2011)
  Streaky Baseball (2/16/2011)
Wigley, Jay Fielders' In-Game Fatigue Figures in Their Batting Performance (6/23/2023)
Wood, Rob Win Values: Evaluating Starting Pitchers (Reintroduced) (7/1/2018)

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